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Full screen display

1.75 inch HD full screen, high pixel resolution
The narrow frame design on all sides refuses to disturb the heavy black frame.

Powerful performance RTK8762D

First smart watch with RTK8762D chip, it is Faster, stronger and more energy efficient.
So it can support 1.75 inch HD 320*385 full screen and 3D dynamic dial

Bluetooth call

Mobile phone synchronization of frequently used contacts.
So you can just use the watch to make call and answer.

How to use Bluetooth call

The Bluetooth call function requires dual Bluetooth signal support, so you need to connect twice according to the instructions:

  1. Scan the QR code on the manual through the mobile phone browser, download the dedicated app, and turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth. Find and connect the device in the app. Confirm binding.
  2. Find the device in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone (check the device name in the watch to check the device information), and select the connection and pairing

More functions:

Custom components multi-lingual, 100+ online watch faces continue to increase, Custom watch face, Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection. SMS reply, time alarm, mobile phone music control, remote control mobile phone camera, stopwatch, countdown, find mobile phone, weather forecast, etc.

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