3ANGNI Orthopaedic Insoles Arch Support

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Product Description:
  1. Its surface is velvet fabric, it is skin-friendly and comfortable.
  2. The outer layer which is very breathable and absorbs sweat.
  3. This one has cork support, cork material has good breathability,
  4. After setting, it can provide good support and elasticity for the foot.
  5. Our materials are completely environmentally friendly;
  6. Our cork series adds metatarsal pad, using the principle of three point balance to balance the force of the arch, metatarsal, and heel, which greatly reduces foot pain;
  7. Because the flat feet are in a state where the arch of the foot is collapsed, when you first use the orthotic insoles, you may feel uncomfortable, slowly increase the usable time;
  8. In general, you will get used to these insoles after a week;